1. General Understanding of Disease

Understanding the state of knowledge of pathogenesis of IBD, and the principles underlying treatment

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1.1. Knows the science underlying the pathogenesis of IBD, in particular relating to genetic and environmental factors involved, and differences between ulcerative colitis (UC) , Crohn’s disease (CD) and IBD unclassified

1.2. Understands the natural history of UC and Crohn’s disease, including its variability and the impact of therapy on the natural history

1.3. Understands the importance of communicating with patients and educating them about their disease and its natural history as well as the principals of management

1.4. Understands the basic immunology of IBD and mechanism of action (as far as it is understood) and rationale for using different treatment types in IBD

1.5. Able to use knowledge of modifiable and non-modifiable risk factors to underlie management decisions and to stratify risk for patients

The microbiome in the pathogenesis and therapy of IBD

A Hart

ECCO 2015 Barcelona Congress


Topic 1.1State of the art