7. Special situations

To understand the management of special situations in IBD

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7.1.  Understands the management of refractory proctitis

7.2.  Understands the assessment and treatment of pouchitis

7.3.  Understands the management of stricturing Crohn’s disease

7.4.  Recognises specific medical and surgical requirements for fistulising and perianal CD

7.5.  Understands the principles of and evidence base for prevention of recurrence after surgery for Crohn’s disease

7.6.  Appreciates the options available for managing acute severe UC

7.7.  Understands the problems associated with and the management of short bowel syndrome

7.8.  Understands the problems associated with stomas

7.9.  Understands the assessment and management of oral and other extraintestinal sites of Crohn’s disease

7.10.  Understands the management of extraintestinal manifestations of IBD

7.11.  Understands the problems associated with the management of IBD in patients who are travelling

7.12.  Understands the management of inflammatory bowel disease in the elderly


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