15.  Paediatric to Adult Transition

To understand the issues facing adolescents with IBD and the handover of care to adult gastroenterologists

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15.1.  Appreciates the differences in approach between paediatric and adult IBD management

15.2.  Knows the importance of maintaining adequate growth

15.3.  Knows the importance of minimising the adverse of effects of IBD on education

15.4.  Has awareness of the particular issues concerning IBD in adolescents and appreciates the practical problems in transition to adult care

15.5.  Is aware of the different models of paediatric to adult transition in IBD

The child with IBD: Should anti-TNF be used as a mono-therapy in children (safety risk)? Who should (be allowed to) operate on the children in IBD?

D Turner

ECCO 2017 Barcelona Congress

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Topic 15.1 : State of the art