8. Endoscopy in IBD

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8.1.  Understands the core data that are required in an endoscopy report

8.2.  Understands the different disease scoring systems that are used in clinical practice and research

8.3.  Knows the principles of colorectal cancer surveillance in IBD

8.4.  Knows the principles of chromoendoscopy and its application to IBD

8.5.  Understands the appearances of and management of dysplasia during surveillance colonoscopy

8.6.  Understands the indications for and complications of stricture dilatation in IBD

8.7.  Understands how to perform pouchoscopy

8.8.  Understands the indications for small bowel capsule endoscopy and enteroscopy

8.9.  Understands the indications for operative endoscopy in IBD

8.10.  Understands the importance of close liaison with histopathologists in interpreting biopsies


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Topic 8.3, 8.5

Serrated lesions in IBD

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