10. Reproductive Health, Pregnancy and Lactation

Understanding the effect of IBD and its treatment on reproductive health, pregnancy and lactation

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10.1. Knows the effect of active IBD, drug therapy and surgery on fecundity and pregnancy, specifically issues relating to immunosuppressants, biological therapy and surgery

10.2. Knows the effect of IBD and its treatment on breastfeeding

10.3. Appreciates when to alter treatment to take account of pregnancy and breastfeeding

10.4. Knows the effects of the disease and its treatment on the chances of conception for men with IBD

10.5. Understand the issues relating to vaccination of neonates

10.6. Is able to provide appropriate advice about the effect of disease, treatment and surgery on fecundity, pregnancy and lactation

10.7. Understands the role of genetic counselling

Treating the pregnant woman with IBD: Should anti-TNF be stopped during pregnancy? Should vedolizumab be stopped during pregnancy?

J van der Woude

ECCO 2017 Barcelona Congress

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Topic 10.3 : State of the art