Objectives, programme, and facts

For several years ECCO has been exploring ways to increase nurse education opportunities throughout Europe. ECCO believes it is essential to develop a comprehensive, practical education programme for IBD nurses, which would aim to increase the number and enhance the role of IBD nurses. Various discussions led by and with ECCO nurses confirmed this.

In addition to the three nursing Educational Activities that are offered at the ECCO Congress each year, ECCO will launch a brand new IBD Nursing Education Programme in 2018. This six-month programme will consist of:

1)    Two face-to-face meetings, one at the beginning of the programme and one at the end

2)    Six months of distance learning using literature and e-Learning materials

3)    A one-week visit to an established IBD nursing centre in the home country.

This programme aims to reach all European nurses, taking place in one country per course cycle. The education will be provided in the local language of each country, in order to overcome the English language barrier. The focus of this course will be on the education for nurses and not on any specific degree or certification. The programme modules can be found here.

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