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ECCO IBD Curriculum

15.4. Has awareness of the particular issues concerning IBD in adolescents and appreciates the practical problems in transition to adult care
Paediatric CD Treatment e-Coursee-Course
Year: 2020
Authors: Marco Gasparetto, Salvatore Oliva, Patrick van Rheenen

This course has been developed by physicians who had recently participated in the writing of the ECCO Crohn's disease consensus Guidelines. This course is intended for those who are interested in Inflammatory Bowel Disease(s) (IBD). One major aim of this e-learning activity is to increase competence and knowledge with regard to Perianal disease in order to improve patient outcomes.

Upon completion of this case you will:

  • Recognise clinical red flags of paediatric Crohn's and achieve a timely diagnosis
  • Familiarise with the work-up required at IBD diagnosis, including ruling out differential diagnoses
  • Know the current evidence for induction of remission in paediatric Crohn's.
  • Know the current evidence for maintaining remission in paediatric Crohn's.
  • Know how to manage a Crohn's flare in a paediatric patient.
  • Familiarise with how to use immunomodulatory agents in mono or combination therapy and understand the rational behind therapeutic drug monitoring in paediatric Crohn's.
  • Recognise indications for surgical management of paediatric Crohn's and familiarise with the recommended post-operative monitoring.

Transitional Care in IBD - e-Coursee-Course
Year: 2017
Authors: Joanna Sieczkowska-Golub, Katrine Carlsen, Patrick van Rheenen

This course has been developed for gastroenterologists, surgeons, paediatricians, pathologists and other interdisciplinary medical experts interested in Inflammatory Bowel Disease(s) (IBD). 

Learning outcomes:

  • Be acquainted with the “ECCO Topical Review on Transitional Care in Inflammatory Bowel Disease” that can  be used as a guidance for clinical practice
  • Be able to identify the critical elements of a transition programme