ECCO IBD Curriculum

12.4. Knows the mechanisms of nutritional deficiency in IBD (including vitamin deficiency) and the role of nutritional support
Nutritional assessment in IBD11th N-ECCO School
Year: 2020
Authors: Lihi Godny
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UC Update e-Coursee-Course
Year: 2016
Authors: Gianluca Pellino, Tim Raine, Dominik Bettenworth, Johan Burisch, Kristzina Gecse, Pieter Hindryck, Antonio López-Sanromán

This course is designed for gastroenterologists, surgeons, paediatricians, pathologists and other interdisciplinary medical experts interested in Inflammatory Bowel Disease(s) (IBD). One major aim of this e-learning activity is to increase competence and knowledge with regard to the prediction, diagnosis and management of Ulcerative Colitis (UC) patients and to harmonise diagnostics and treatment in order to improve patient outcomes.

Upon completion of this activity learners will:

  • Have insights into the basic epidemiology of ulcerative colitis
  • Know current treatment options for severe ulcerative colitis, including colectomy
  • Be able to use ciclosporin correctly in severe ulcerative colitis
  • Understand when to order thiopurine methyltransferase (TPMT) activity when starting azathioprine

Nutritional assessment in IBD11th N-ECCO School
Year: 2020
Authors: Lihi Godny
Non-Pharmacological Interventions in IBDEducational Audio Podcasts
Year: 2019
Authors: Ailsa Hart
Surgery in IBDEducational Audio Podcast
Year: 2017
Authors: Konstantinos Katsanos
The use of dietary therapy in IBDTalking Heads
Year: 2017
Authors: Rotem Sigall-Boneh, Richard Russell, Miranda Lomer
Use of Nutritional Therapy in IBDTalking Heads
Year: 2014
Authors: Gabor Veres, Arie Levine, Richard Russel