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ECCO IBD Curriculum

10.6. Is able to provide appropriate advice about the effect of disease, treatment and surgery on fecundity, pregnancy and lactation
Ultrasound and IBD - e-Coursee-Course
Year: 2015
Authors: Torsten Kucharzik and Fortunata Civitelli

This course is designed for gastroenterologists, paediatricians, surgeons and other interdisciplinary medical experts interested in Inflammatory Bowel Disease(s) (IBD). The intended result of this activity is increased competence and knowledge of the role of imaging techniques, particularly ultrasonography, in the diagnosis and follow-up of IBD patients.

Upon completion of this activity learners will:

  • Understand the role of ultrasonography (US) in the initial diagnostic work-up of suspected IBD
  • Be able to provide a comprehensive overview of normal and abnormal findings in bowel US, with a focus on IBD
  • Be able to understand the usefulness of bowel US in the follow-up of IBD, in assessing disease activity, response to therapy and monitoring disease progression and complications such as stenosis, fistulae and abscesses

SteroidsEducational Audio Podcast
Year: 2020
Authors: Gionata Fiorino
ThiopurinesEducational Audio Podcasts
Year: 2019
Authors: Pascal Juillerat
Transatlantic Talking Heads: Should I stop biologic agents among patients who are pregnant with IBD?Talking Heads
Year: 2018
Authors: Iris Dotan, Uma Mahadevan, Christina Ha
Managing IBD and pregnancy15th IBD Intensive Advanced Course
Year: 2017
Authors: van der Woude J., Dotan I.
Fertility, IBD and breastfeeding, IBD in pregnancy
Files: 1
IBD Drugs in Pregnancy - Current Controversies Talking Heads
Year: 2016
Authors: Janneke C. van der Woude, Shannon Linda Kanis