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ECCO IBD Curriculum

10.2. Knows the effect of IBD and its treatment on breastfeeding
Pregnancy20th IBD Intensive Course for Trainees
Year: 2022
Authors: Iris Dotan; Janneke van der Woude
Summary content

Learning Objectives:
1. Pre conception counseling, optimal disease control, planning, adherence
2. Drug safety at conception and during pregnancy
3. Management of disease exacerbation during pregnancy, assessment and therapeutic options
4. Management of biologics during pregnancy and post-partum
5. Multidisciplinary decision concerning through the entire pregnancy and important decision like mode of delivery

SteroidsEducational Audio Podcast
Year: 2020
Authors: Gionata Fiorino
ThiopurinesEducational Audio Podcasts
Year: 2019
Authors: Pascal Juillerat
Sexual Dysfunction in IBD 12th N-ECCO Network Meeting
Year: 2018
Authors: Katsanos Konstantinos
Files: 1
Transatlantic Talking Heads: Should I stop biologic agents among patients who are pregnant with IBD?Talking Heads
Year: 2018
Authors: Iris Dotan, Uma Mahadevan, Christina Ha
IBD Drugs in Pregnancy - Current Controversies Talking Heads
Year: 2016
Authors: Janneke C. van der Woude, Shannon Linda Kanis