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ECCO IBD Curriculum

8.7. Understands how to perform pouchoscopy
Endoscopy Assessment of the Pouch in IBDSkills Video
Year: 2020
Authors: Marietta Iacucci, Bo Shen
Interventional Endoscopy in IBD e-Coursee-Course
Year: 2019
Authors: Marietta Iacucci, Rosanna Cannatelli, Takayuki Matsumoto, Toshio Uraoka, Paulo Kotze, Bo Shen

This course has been developed for physicians and endoscopists interested in Inflammatory Bowel Disease(s) (IBD). One major aim of this e-learning activity is to increase competence and knowledge with regard to endoscopy in IBD in order to improve patient outcomes.

The main learning objective will be to train participants in the evaluation of endoscopic images  of colonic lesions using multiple endoscopic techniques and modalities including the new advanced optical diagnosis technologies: dye chromoendoscopy, dyeless chromoendoscopy, magnification, when and why to do EMR  and ESD. Further this course will detail EMR and ESD techniques and the challenges of ESD and the management of strictures , fistulae and complications in IBD.

The major aim of the endoscopy course is to increase competence, knowledge, and confidence of the participants with regard to interventional therapy and endotherapy  in IBD and to improve patient management and outcomes.

Participants will be trained in the evaluation and interpretation of endoscopic images and videos and in understanding how to assess the situation, how to perform, what to look for, and when and how to treat.
Endoscopic Assessment of UC Activity with UCEIS e-Coursee-Course
Year: 2016
Authors: Simon Travis, Rebecca Palmer

This course was developed by Professor. Simon Travis and Dr. Rebecca Palmer in cooperation with Leading Edge Medical Education. This course is designed for gastroenterologists, paediatricians, surgeons, nurses and other interdisciplinary medical professional interested in the endoscopy of ulcerative colitis (UC) The intended result of this activity is competence and knowledge of endoscopy, in the assessment and follow-up of patients with UC.  The course is divided into three parts: the first is about the UCEIS and descriptors; the second is Self Assessment, which does not contribute to the final score and the third is the UCEIS Certification itself, to confirm  competence in using the UCEIS.  

Upon completion of this activity learners will:

  • Be trained in the evaluation of endoscopic images in the assessment of activity in UC
  • Understand why UCEIS was developed
  • Understand how UCEIS was developed
  • Understand the role of UCEIS
  • Utilise UCEIS in clinical practice