P059: GB004 drives protective effects on immune cells and epithelial cells using human ex vivo monolayer and co-culture systemsECCO'21 Virtual
Year: 2021
Authors: Taylor Meadows, K.(1);Murphy, S.(1);Levesque, B.G.(2);Carter, L.L.(3);Salter-Cid, L.(4);
(1)Gossamer Bio- Inc., Biology, San Diego, United States;(2)Gossamer Bio- Inc., Clinical Development, San Diego, United States;(3)Gossamer Bio- Inc., Research & Translational Biology, San Diego, United States;(4)Gossamer Bio- Inc., Research & Development, San Diego, United States
P060: A2B adenosine receptor deficiency ameliorates chronic murine Crohn’s-like-ileitis.ECCO'21 Virtual
Year: 2021
Authors: O Connell, L.(1);Olli, K.(2);Wilkinson, C.(3);Collins, C.(1);Jedlicka, P.(4);Aherne, C.(1);
(1)Conway Institute of Biomolecular and Biomedical Science- University College Dublin- Ireland, School of Medicine, Dublin, Ireland;(2)University of Colorado School of Medicine- Aurora- CO 80045- USA., Department of Anesthesiology, Aurora, United States;(3)Digestive Health Institute- Children’s Hospital Colorado- Aurora- CO 80045- USA., Section of Pediatrics- Department of Pediatrics- Division of Gastroenterology- Hepatology and Nutrition, Aurora, United States;(4)University of Colorado School of Medicine- Aurora- CO 80045- USA., Department of Pathology-, Aurora, United States
P061: Immune cell infiltrations of myenteric plexus in IBD – characterization and implicationsECCO'21 Virtual
Year: 2021
Authors: Wiese, J.J.(1);Fascì , A.(1);Kühl, A.A.(1);Siegmund, B.(1);Prüß, M.S.(1);Schumann, M.(1);
(1)Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin, Department of Gastroenterology- Infectious Diseases and Rheumatology- Campus Benjamin Franklin, Berlin, Germany
P062: Effects of exposure to steroids on the PredictSURE whole blood prognostic assay in Inflammatory Bowel DiseaseECCO'21 Virtual
Year: 2021
Authors: Alsoud, D.(1);Verstockt, S.(1);Sabino, J.(1,2);Ferrante, M.(1,2);Noor, N.(3,4);Verstockt, B.(1,2);Vermeire, S.(1,2);
(1)KU Leuven, Translational Research Center for GastroIntestinal Disorders- Department of Chronic Diseases- Metabolism and Ageing, Leuven, Belgium;(2)University Hospitals Leuven, Department of Gastroenterology and Hepatology, Leuven, Belgium;(3)University College London, Medical Research Council Clinical Trials Unit, London, United Kingdom;(4)Cambridge University Hosopitals NHS Trust, Department of Gastroenterology, Cambridge, United Kingdom
P063: The immunological landscape of intestinal fibrosis in Crohn’s Disease.ECCO'21 Virtual
Year: 2021
Authors: Jacobs, I.(1,2);Creyns, B.(1,2);Dragoni, G.(2,3);Cremer, J.(1,2);Bislenghi, G.(4);D'Hoore, A.(4);Ke, B.J.(2);Matteoli, G.(2);De Hertogh, G.(5);Ferrante, M.(2,4);Joao, G.S.(2,4);Breynaert, C.(1,6);Vermeire, S.(2,4);Verstockt, B.(2,4);Vanuytsel, T.(2,4);
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P064: 3-oxo-C12:2, a Quorum Sensing molecule from the gut, exerts anti-inflammatory effects through a bitter taste receptorECCO'21 Virtual
Year: 2021
Authors: Coquant, G.(1);Aguanno, D.(2);Peyrottes, A.(3);Brot, L.(1);Belloir, C.(4);Briand, L.(4);Grill, J.P.(1);Thenet, S.(2);De Sordi, L.(1);Seksik, P.(1);
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P065: Conservation of breast milk cytokine profiles in consecutive pregnancies of women with inflammatory bowel diseaseECCO'21 Virtual
Year: 2021
Authors: Agrawal, M.(1);Tarassishin, L.(2);Rendon, A.(2);Debebe, A.(2);Hillenbrand, C.(2);White, S.(2);Eisele, C.(2);Hawkins, K.(2);Chen, C.L.(3);Kornbluth, A.(1);George, J.(1);Legnani, P.(1);Maser, E.(1);Stone, J.(4);Dubinsky, M.(5);Sabino, J.(1,6);Torres, J.(1,7);Colombel, J.F.(1);Peter, I.(2);Hu, J.(2);
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P066: Exploration of critical molecules for optimizing treatment by analyzing inflammatory cytokines in the intestinal mucosa of patients with Inflammatory Bowel DiseaseECCO'21 Virtual
Year: 2021
Authors: Yokoyama, Y.(1);Yamakawa, T.(1);Hayashi, Y.(1);Kazama, T.(1);Hirayama, D.(1);Nakase, H.(1);
(1)Sapporo medical university school of medicine, Gastroenterology and hepatology, Sapporo- Hokkaido, Japan
P067: The effect of a probiotic mix on mucosal healing and fibrotic responses in healthy colonic subepithelial myofibroblasts.ECCO'21 Virtual
Year: 2021
Authors: Tarapatzi, G.(1);Filidou, E.(1);Kandilogiannakis, L.(1);Arvanitidis, K.(1);Vradelis, S.(2);Kotzampassi, K.(3);Kolios, G.(1);
(1)Democritus University of Thrace, Laboratory of Pharmacology- Faculty of Medicine, Alexandroupolis, Greece;(2)Democritus University of Thrace, Second Department of Internal Medicine- University Hospital of Alexandroupolis, Alexandroupolis, Greece;(3)Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Department of Surgery- AHEPA Hospital, Thessaloniki, Greece
P068: The combination of JAK1 and TPL2 or IRAK4 inhibitors is more effective than single agents in reducing TLR-mediated cytokine responses in human monocyte populationsECCO'21 Virtual
Year: 2021
Authors: Hornsby, E.(1);Yadon, A.N.(2);Clarke, A.(2);Grant, E.(3);Lindsay, J.O.(1);Stagg, A.J.(1);
(1)Queen Mary University of London, Blizard Institute, London, United Kingdom;(2)Gilead Sciences- Inc., 199 East Blaine Street, Seattle, United States;(3)Gilead Sciences- Inc., 333 Lakeside Dr., Foster City, United States
P069: Artificial intelligence (AI)-filtered Videos for Accelerated Scoring of Colonoscopy Videos in Ulcerative Colitis Clinical TrialsECCO'21 Virtual
Year: 2021
Authors: Gutierrez Becker, B.(1);Giuffrida, E.(2);Mangia, M.(2);Arcadu, F.(1);Whitehill, V.(3);Guaraglia, D.(4);Schwartz, M.(4);Sabouni, R.(4);Prunotto, M.(5);Oh, Y.(6);Daperno, M.(2);
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P070: Efficacy of a novel non-covalent oral small molecule Nrf2 activator in a rat model of Inflammatory Bowel DiseaseECCO'21 Virtual
Year: 2021
Authors: Murray, C.(1);Cooper, N.(1);Lucas, C.L.(1);Manso, A.S.(1);Ray, N.C.(1);Worthington, J.(2);Fox, J.C.(1);
(1)C4X Discovery Limited, Discovery, Manchester, United Kingdom;(2)Axis Bioservices Limited, Coleraine, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom
P071: Crohn’s Disease is associated with elevated levels of the pro-inflammatory CXCR3 ligands (CXCL9, 10 and 11) with an associated reduction in Paneth cell derived antimicrobial peptides in ex-vivo ileal biopsiesECCO'21 Virtual
Year: 2021
Authors: Jones, F.(1);Doherty, G.(2);McNamee, E.(3);
(1)Centre for Colorectal Disease- St. Vincent's University Hospital, Gastroenterology, Dublin 3, Ireland;(2)Centre for Colorectal Disease- St. Vincent’s University Hospital, Gastroenterology, Dublin, Ireland;(3)Institute of Immunology, Maynooth University, Maynooth, Ireland
P072: The involvement of extracellular Nicotinamide Phosphoribosyltransferase (eNAMPT) and Nicotinate Phosphoribosyltransferase (eNAPRT) in inflammatory bowel diseaseECCO'21 Virtual
Year: 2021
Authors: Colombo, G.(1);Ribaldone, D.G.(2);Caviglia, G.P.(3);Genazzani, A.(1);Travelli, C.(4);
(1)Università del Piemonte Orientale, Dipartimento di Scienze del Farmaco, Novara, Italy;(2)Università degli Studi di Torino, Department of Surgical Sciences, Torino, Italy;(3)Università degli Studi di Torino, Division of Gastroenterology- Department of Medical Sciences, Torino, Italy;(4)Università degli Studi di Pavia, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Pavia, Italy
P073: An increased autophagy and decreased apoptosis is detected in intestinal fibroblasts from Crohn’s Disease patientsECCO'21 Virtual
Year: 2021
Authors: Gisbert-Ferrandiz, L.(1);Queralt, M.(1);Cosín-Roger, J.(2);Coll, S.(1);Bauset, C.(1);Ortiz-Masia, D.(3);Llau, J.(1);Navarro-Vicente, F.(4);Calatayud, S.(1);Barrachina, M.D.(1);
(1)Universitat de València, Pharmacology, Valencia, Spain;(2)Unidad Mixta Facultad Medicina - Hospital Dr Peset- FISABIO, Pharmacology, Valencia, Spain;(3)CIBERehd-Univ. de València, Medicine, Valencia, Spain;(4)Hospital Manises, Surgery, Valencia, Spain
P074: Crohn’s disease clinical data standards: Adoption and implementation to promote data sharing and reuse.ECCO'21 Virtual
Year: 2021
Authors: Owen, J.(1);
(1)CDISC, Standards Development, Austin, United States
P075: Multidimensional assessment of interoceptive abilities, emotion processing and the role of early life stress in Inflammatory Bowel DiseaseECCO'21 Virtual
Year: 2021
Authors: Atanasova, K.(1);Lotter, T.(2);Reindl, W.(2);Lis, S.(1);
(1)Institute of Psychiatric and Psychosomatic Psychotherapy- Central Institute of Mental Health- Mannheim, Medical Faculty Mannheim- Heidelberg University- Germany, Mannheim, Germany;(2)Medical Faculty Mannheim- Heidelberg University- Germany, Department of Medicine II, Mannheim, Germany
P076: The endocannabinoid system in the intestinal biopsies of children with Inflammatory Bowel DiseaseECCO'21 Virtual
Year: 2021
Authors: Creoli, M.(1);Strisciuglio, C.(2); Vitale, A.(2); Oglio, F.(3);Paino, S.(1);Luongo, L.(1);Tortora, C.(2);Argenziano, M.(2); Di Paola, A.(1);Maione, S.(1);Rossi, F.(2);
(1)Università degli Studi della Campania 'L.Vanvitelli', Department of Experimental Medicine, Naples, Italy;(2)Università degli Studi della Campania 'L.Vanvitelli', Department of Woman- Child and General and Specialized Surgery, Naples, Italy;(3)Università degli Studi di Napoli 'Federico II, Department of Translational Medical Science, Naples, Italy
P077: What matters to Ulcerative Colitis patients when they make treatment decisions? A systematic reviewECCO'21 Virtual
Year: 2021
Authors: Folan, A.M.(1);Jones, G.(1);Baker, D.(2);Brown, S.(3);Lee, M.(4);Lobo, A.(5);
(1)Leeds Beckett University, Department of Psychology, Leeds, United Kingdom;(2)Sheffield Teaching Hospitals, Academic Foundation Doctor, Sheffield, United Kingdom;(3)Sheffield Teaching Hospitals, Department of General Surgery, Sheffield, United Kingdom;(4)Sheffield Teaching Hospitals, Department of Oncology and Metabolism, Sheffield, United Kingdom;(5)Royal Hallamshire Hospital, Department of Gastroenterology, Sheffield, United Kingdom
P078: Proteomics and Lipidomics Analysis Revealed Alterations of Complement Activation and Lipid Metabolism in peripheral blood mononuclear cells of Inflammatory Bowel Disease PatientsECCO'21 Virtual
Year: 2021
Authors: Notararigo, S.(1);Bravo, S.(1);Martin-Pastor, M.(2);Baston-Rey, I.(3);Quiroga-Castiñeira, A.(3);Dominguez-Munoz, J.E.(3);Domínguez Medina, E.(1);Barreiro-de Acosta, M.(3);
(1)University Hospital Santiago De Compostela CHUS, Instituto de Investigación Sanitaria de Santiago IDIS, Santiago De Compostela, Spain;(2)CACTUS, Unidade de Resonancia Magnética, Santiago, Spain;(3)University Hospital Santiago De Compostela CHUS, Department of Gastroenterology- IBD Unit, Santiago De Compostela, Spain