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P006: Development of a Crohn@E@s disease molecular activity score to identify region-specific chronically inflamed and non-inflamed processesECCO'24
Year: 2024
Authors: Richards, D.(1)*;Venkat, S.(1);Terry, N.A.(1);Vetter, M.(1);Gomez, M.(1);Freeman, T.C.(1);McRae, B.(2);Feagan, B.(3);Reinisch, W.(4);Branigan, P.(1);
(1)Janssen Research & Development LLC, Research & Development, Spring House, United States;(2)Janssen Research & Development LLC, Research & Development, Cambridge, United States;(3)Alimentev- Inc.- Western University, Gastroenterology, London, Canada;(4)Medical University of Vienna, Division Gastroenterology & Hepatology, Vienna, Austria;
P007: Neutrophil function in lesional biopsies is a strong determinant of IBD severity and may relate to an altered functional state already present in circulating cellsECCO'24
Year: 2024
Authors: Pascutti, M.F.(1)*;Calado, B.(1);Nugteren , S.(1);Simons-Oosterhuis, Y.(1);Smits , W.K.(1);Tuk, B.(1);Hulleman-van Haaften, D.H.(1);Barendregt, D.M.H.(1);Heredia, M.(1);Klomberg, R.C.W.(2);de Ridder, L.(2);Samsom, J.N.(1);
(1)Erasmus University Medical Center-Sophia Children’s Hospital, Laboratory of Pediatrics- division Gastroenterology and Nutrition, Rotterdam, The Netherlands;(2)Sophia Children@E@s Hospital- University Medical Center, Division of Gastroenterology- Department of Pediatrics, Rotterdam, The Netherlands;
P008: Machine learning derived histological features of epithelial injury and repair in Ulcerative Colitis biopsies correlate with disease severityECCO'24
Year: 2024
Authors: Griffin, M.(1);Zhang, Y.(1);Shah, C.(1);Shamshoian, J.(2);Mountain, V.(3);Sucipto, K.(1);Jayson, C.(4)*;Najdawi, F.(5);
(1)PathAI, Machine Learning, Boston, United States;(2)PathAI, Biomedical Data Science, Boston, United States;(3)PathAI, Scientific Communications, Boston, United States;(4)PathAI, AI Products, Boston, United States;(5)PathAI, Pathology, Boston, United States;
P009: IL-17 mediates visceral hypersensitivity by sensitising colonic nociceptorsECCO'24
Year: 2024
Authors: Paine, L.(1);Higham, J.(1);Barker, K.(1);Welsh, F.(2);St John Smith, E.(1);Bulmer, D.(1)*;
(1)University of Cambridge, Pharmacology, Cambridge, United Kingdom;(2)AstraZeneca, Neuroscience, Cambridge, United Kingdom;
P010: Faecal microbiota composition by shotgun metagenomic sequencing approach in a newly diagnosed cohort of inflammatory bowel disease patients: results from the IBDomics project.ECCO'24
Year: 2024
Authors: Orejudo, M.(1)*;Gómez, M.J.(2);de Francisco, R.(3);Rivero, M.(4);Gutiérrez, A.(5);Rodríguez-Lago, I.(6);Fernández, L.(7);Ceballos, D.(8);Benítez, J.M.(9);Aguas, M.(10);Bastón-Rey, I.(11);Bermejo, F.(12);Casanova, M.J.(1);Lorente, R.(13);Ber, Y.(14); Royo, V.(15);Esteve, M.(16);Ramirez, C.(1);Soleto, I.(1);Baldán-Martín, M.(1);Sánchez-Cabo, F.(2);P. Gisbert, J.(1);Chaparro, M.(1);
(1)Hospital Universitario de La Princesa- Instituto de Investigación Sanitaria Princesa IIS-Princesa- Universidad Autónoma de Madrid UAM- and Centro de Investigación Biomédica en Red de Enfermedades Hepáticas y Digestivas CIBERehd- Madrid. Spain, Gastroenterology Unit, Madrid, Spain;(2)Centro Nacional de Investigaciones Cardiovasculares Carlos III CNIC, Bioinformatics Unit, Madrid, Spain;(3)Hospital Universitario Central de Asturias and ISPA, Gastroenterology Unit, Oviedo, Spain;(4)Hospital Universitario Marqués de Valdecilla and IDIVAL, Gastroenterology Unit, Santander, Spain;(5)Hospital General Universitario de Alicante- ISABIAL and CIBERehd, Gastroenterology Unit, Alicante, Spain;(6)Hospital Galdakao-Usansolo, Gastroenterology Unit, Vizcaya, Spain;(7)Hospital Clínico Universitario de Valladolid, Gastroenterology Unit, Valladolid, Spain;(8)Hospital Universitario de Gran Canaria Dr. Negrín, Gastroenterology Unit, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain;(9)Hospital Universitario Reina Sofía and IMIBIC, Gastroenterology Unit, Córdoba, Spain;(10)Hospital Universitario La Fe- Health Research Institute La Fe, Gastroenterology Unit, Valencia, Spain;(11)Complexo Hospitalario Universitario de Santiago, Gastroenterology Unit, Santiago de Compostela, Spain;(12)Hospital Universitario de Fuenlabrada, Gastroenterology Unit, Madrid, Spain;(13)Hospital General Universitario de Ciudad Real, Gastroenterology Unit, Ciudad Real, Spain;(14)Hospital San Jorge, Gastroenterology Unit, Huesca, Spain;(15)Hospital Universitari Son Espases, Gastroenterology Unit, Palma de Mallorca, Spain;(16)Hospital Universitari Mutua Terrassa- Terrassa- Spain. Centro de Investigación Biomédica en Red de Enfermedades Hepáticas y Digestivas CIBERehd- Madrid- Spain, Gastroenterology Unit, Terrassa, Spain;
P011: Altered Expression and Enzymatic Activity of Xanthine Oxidase in Inflammatory Bowel DiseaseECCO'24
Year: 2024
Authors: Di Petrillo, A.(1)*;Onali, S.(2);Era, B.(3);Raho, N.(2);Murtas, D.(4);Maxia, C.(4);Favale, A.(2);Eleonora, G.(4);Pinto, S.(5);Fais, A.(3);FantiniMD- PhD, M.C.(6);
(1)University of Cagliari, Department of Medical Science and Public Health, CagliariIt, Italy;(2)University of Cagliari, Department of Medical Science and Public Health, Cagliari, Italy;(3)University of Cagliari, Department of Life and Environmental Sciences, Cagliari, Italy;(4)University of Cagliari, Department of Biomedical Sciences, Cagliari, Italy;(5)University Hospital of Cagliari, GI Endoscopy service, Cagliari, Italy;(6)University of Cagliari, of Medical Science and Public Health, Monserrato, Italy;
P012: Intestinal epithelial cells as targets of thiopurines in Inflammatory Bowel Disease paediatric patients-derived organoidsECCO'24
Year: 2024
Authors: Muzzo, A.(1)*;Lucafò, M.(2);Bramuzzo, M.(3);Zudeh, G.(4);Franzin, M.(4);Hofmann, U.(5);Lazzari, E.(2);Meroni, G.(2);Schwab, M.(6);Decorti, G.(1);Stocco, G.(1,4);
(1)University of Trieste, Department of Medicine- Surgery and Health Sciences, Trieste, Italy;(2)University of Trieste, Department of Life Sciences, Trieste, Italy;(3)Institute for Maternal and Child Health- IRCCS “Burlo Garofolo”, Simple Structure of Gastroenterology- Endoscopy and Pediatric Clinical Nutrition, Trieste, Italy;(4)Institute for Maternal and Child Health- IRCCS “Burlo Garofolo”, Advanced Translational Diagnostics Department, Trieste, Italy;(5)Dr. Margarete Fischer-Bosch Institute of Clinical Pharmacology, Department of Analytical Chemistry, Stuttgart, Germany;(6)University of Tuebingen, Departments of Clinical Pharmacology- and of Biochemistry and Pharmacy, Tuebingen, Germany;
P013: Magnetic Resonance Imaging-Based Average T2 Signal as A Non-Invasive Measure of Fibrosis In Enteric Crohn’s DiseaseECCO'24
Year: 2024
Authors: Naim, I.(1)*;Clarke, C.(2);Hoad, C.(3);Jinnah, N.(4);Mukherjee, A.(5);Gowland, P.(4);Mougin, O.(4);Menys, A.(1);Bard, A.(1);W Moran, G.(4,6);
(1)Motilent, Research department, London, United Kingdom;(2)Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust, Department of Radiology, Nottingham, United Kingdom;(3)University of Nottingham, Sir Peter Mansfield Imaging Centre-, Nottingham, United Kingdom;(4)University of Nottingham, Sir Peter Mansfield Imaging Centre, Nottingham, United Kingdom;(5), Department of Histopathology, Nottingham, United Kingdom;(6)Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust, NIHR Nottingham Biomedical Research Centre, Queen@E@s Medical Centre Campus- Nottingham, United Kingdom;
P014: First-time-in-human visualisation of CCR9 expression in the gut by positron emission tomography.ECCO'24
Year: 2024
Authors: MacKay, J.(1)*;Jucaite, A.(2);Cselényi, Z.(2);Johnström, P.(2);Dahl, K.(2);Schou, M.(2);Stenkrona, P.(3);Sousa, V.(3);Cortes Gonzalez, M.(3);Giffen, P.(1);Bouma, G.(1);Nys, J.(1);Brülls, M.(4);Duncan, M.(1);Larsson, J.(4);Lundahl, A.(4);Les, K.(5);Bergare, J.(4);Elmore, C.(4);Kiraga, J.(6);Blé, F.X.(1);Fowler, A.(1);Belvisi, M.(4);Marks, D.(1);
(1)AstraZeneca, Biopharmaceuticals R&D, Cambridge, United Kingdom;(2)AstraZeneca, Biopharmaceuticals R&D, Stockholm, Sweden;(3)Karolinska Institutet, Clinical Neuroscience, Stockholm, Sweden;(4)AstraZeneca, Biopharmaceuticals R&D, Gothenburg, Sweden;(5)AstraZeneca, Global Portfolio and Project Management, Cambridge, United Kingdom;(6)AstraZeneca, Biopharmaceuticals R&D, Warsaw, Poland;
P015: iNKT cells immunomodulation and mucosal healing by microbiota-derived lactateECCO'24
Year: 2024
Authors: Strati, F.(1)*;
(1)University of Milano-Bicocca, Department of Biotechnology and Biosciences, Milano, Italy;
P016: Reduction of mucosal (active) eosinophils, B cells and T cells after vedolizumab therapy in patients with ulcerative colitisECCO'24
Year: 2024
Authors: Jacobs, I.(1,2)*;Cremer, J.(1);Ferrante, M.(2,3);Sabino, J.(2,3);Vermeire, S.(2,3);Breynaert, C.(1,4);Vanuytsel, T.(2,3);Verstockt, B.(2,3);
(1)KU Leuven, Department of Microbiology- Immunology and Transplantation, Leuven, Belgium;(2)KU Leuven, Department of Chronic Diseases and Metabolism- Translational Research Center for Gastrointestinal Disorders TARGID, Leuven, Belgium;(3)University Hospitals Leuven, Department of Gastroenterology and Hepatology, Leuven, Belgium;(4)University Hospitals Leuven, Department of General Internal Medicine, Leuven, Belgium;
P017: An activity-based chemiluminescence assay targeting granzyme A for the detection of Inflammatory Bowel DiseasesECCO'24
Year: 2024
Authors: Scott, J.(1)*;Thompson, E.(1);Cheng, Z.(1);David, M.(2);Gordon, D.(1);Medive-Tapia, L.(1);Jones, G.R.(1);Hall, R.(1);Chuah, S.(1);Drury, B.(1);Rossi, A.(1);Shabat, D.(2);Ho, G.T.(1);Vendrell, M.(1);
(1)The University of Edinburgh, Centre for Inflammation Research, Edinburgh, United Kingdom;(2)Tel-Aviv University, School of Chemistry, Tel-Aviv, Israel;
P018: Inequalities in healthcare access, experience and outcomes in adults with Inflammatory Bowel Disease: A scoping reviewECCO'24
Year: 2024
Authors: Hawkins , R.(1);Zia , M.(1);Hind , D.(1);Lobo , A.(2);Ezaydi , N.(3)*;
(1)University of Sheffield, Sheffield Centre for Health and Related Research, Sheffield, United Kingdom;(2)Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Gastroenterology and Liver Unit- Royal Hallamshire Hospital, Sheffield, United Kingdom;(3)School of Medicine and Population Health, The University of Sheffield, Sheffield, United Kingdom
P019: Development of hydrogel systems for targeted rectal delivery of intestinal cells to injured mucosa in inflammatory bowel diseaseECCO'24
Year: 2024
Authors: Mantaj, J.(1)*;
(1)School of Life Sciences, Faculty of Science and Engineering- Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, United Kingdom;
P020: Effects of Anti-TNF Treatment on Browning of Mesenteric Adipose Tissue with Crohn@E@s DiseaseECCO'24
Year: 2024
Authors: Montfort-Ferré, D.(1)*;Vaño-Segarra, I.(1);Boronat-Toscano, A.(1);Menacho, M.(2);Moliné, A.(2);Cepero, C.(2);Mañas, M.J.(3);Caro, A.(4);Serena, C.(1);
(1)Health Institute Pere Virgili IISPV, Hospital Joan XXIII of Tarragona- Universitat Rovira i Virgili URV. Inflammatory Bowel Disease Research Group IBODI, Tarragona, Spain;(2)Hospital Joan XXIII of Tarragona, Gastroenterology Service, Tarragona, Spain;(3)Hospital Sant Pau I Santa Tecla of Tarragona, Surgery Service, Tarragona, Spain;(4)Hospital Joan XXIII of Tarragona, Surgery Service, Tarragona, Spain;Inflammatory Bowel Disease Research Group (IBODI)
P021: Higher TNFα and IL-6 mucosal levels in ulcerative colitis patients with more severe endoscopic activityECCO'24
Year: 2024
Authors: Calviño Suárez, C.(1)*;Martinez-Rodriguez, A.L.(2);Moreira-Alvarez, D.(2);Ardao-Palacios, I.(2);Duran-Rubi, M.(2);Ferreiro-Iglesias, R.(1);Baston-Rey, I.(1);Porto-Silva, S.(1);Nieto-Garcia, L.(1);Varela-Liste, M.J.(2);Brea-Floriani, J.M.(2);Dominguez-Munoz, J.E.(1);Loza-Garcia, M.(2);Barreiro-de Acosta, M.(1);
(1)University Hospital Santiago De Compostela CHUS, Department of Gastroenterology- IBD Unit, Santiago De Compostela, Spain;(2)CIMUS Research Centre and IDIS Health Research Institute, BioFarma Research Group-Department of Pharmacology, Santiago De Compostela, Spain;
P022: Development of a novel experimental model for studying creeping fat in Crohn@E@s DiseaseECCO'24
Year: 2024
Authors: Clua, L.(1)*;Suau, R.(1);Guasch, M.(2);Monfort-Ferré, D.(3);Vañó, I.(3);Serena, C.(3);Domènech, E.(4);Bartolí, R.(5);Manyé, J.(1);
(1)Germans Trias i Pujol Research Institute IGTP, Inflammatory Bowel Diseases, Badalona, Spain;(2)Parc Sanitari Sant Joan de Déu Hospital, Department of Surgery, Sant Boi del Llobregat, Spain;(3)Joan XXIII University Hospital- Pere Virgili Health Research Institute, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Tarragona, Spain;(4)Germans Trias i Pujol University Hospital, Digestive System Service, Badalona, Spain;(5)Germans Trias i Pujol Research Institute IGTP, Liver and Digestive Diseases, Badalona, Spain;
P023: Serological markers of intestinal barrier function in patients with primary sclerosing cholangitis after liver transplantationECCO'24
Year: 2024
Authors: Drastich, P.(1)*;Hlavaty, M.(1);Fabian, O.(2);Brezina, J.(1);Wohl, P.(1);Spicak, J.(1);Cahova, M.(3);Bajer, L.(1);
(1)Institute for Clinical and Experimental Medicine, Department of Hepatogastroenterology, Prague, Czech Republic;(2)Institute for Clinical and Experimental Medicine, Clinical and transplant pathology centre, Prague, Czech Republic;(3)Institute for Clinical and Experimental Medicine, Experimental Medicine Centre, Prague, Czech Republic;
P024: Synergistic effect of phytochemicals combination including ginsenosides and curcumin on recovery from radiation-induced toxicityECCO'24
Year: 2024
Authors: Kim, S.E.(1)*;Kim , M.S.(2);Lee, R.A.(3);Yang, S.J.(2);Lim, H.(4);Jung, S.Y.(2);Lee , T.Y.(2);Park , J.K.(2);Park, Y.G.(5);Woo, S.Y.(6);
(1)EWHA Womans University- Mokdong Hospital, Department of Internal Medicine, Seoul, Korea- Republic Of;(2)CORESTEMCHEMON Inc., Central Research Center, Seoul, Korea- Republic Of;(3)Ewha Womans University- College of Medicine, Department of Surgery, Seoul, Korea- Republic Of;(4)Ewha Womans University- College of Medicine, Department of Internal Medicine, Seoul, Korea- Republic Of;(5)CORESTEMCHEMON Inc, Central Research Center, Seoul, Korea- Republic Of;(6)Ewha Womans University- College of Medicine- Seoul- South Korea, Department of Microbiology, Seoul, Korea- Republic Of;
P025: Obefazimod and its active metabolites ABX-464-N-Glu act by stabilizing protein-protein interaction among key RNA biogenesis partners, CBC and ARS2ECCO'24
Year: 2024
Authors: Bron, P.(1);Martin, K.(2);Sloan, S.(3);Scherrer, D.(2);Tazi, J.(2)*;
(1)Centre de Biochimie Structurale, Inserm U1054 - Cnrs UMR5048, Montpellier, France;(2)Abivax, Research and Development, Montpellier, France;(3)Abivax, Clinical Operations, Paris, France;