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OP31: Dietary and Multi-Omic characterization of new onset treatment naive Crohn Disease identifies factors that may contribute to disease pathogenesisECCO'22
Year: 2022
Authors: Haberman Ziv, Y.(1);Braun, T.(1);Amir, A.(1);Levhar , N.(1);Malik, A.(1);Neuman, S.(1);Picard, O.(1);Yavzuri, M.(1);Efroni, G.(1);Hadar, R.(1);Ben-Horin, S.(1);
(1)Tel-HaShomer Sheba Medical Center, Department of Pediatric Gastroenterology, Ramat Gan, Israel;for the Helmsley Charitable Trust SOURCE consortium investigators
OP32: Pyroptosis Inhibition Prevents the Cytotoxicity Induced by IL-17 Without Impairing Its Beneficial EffectsECCO'22
Year: 2022
Authors: Hong, S.N.(1);Joo Hye , S.(1);Dong Kyung , C.(1);Young-Ho , K.(1);ji eun , K.(1);Ye Ji, S.(1);
(1)Samsung Medical Center- Sungkyunkwan University School of Medicine, Department of Medicine, Seoul, Korea- Republic Of;
OP33: Effect of upadacitinib (UPA) treatment on extraintestinal manifestations (EIMs) in patients with moderate-to-severe Ulcerative Colitis (UC): Results from the UPA Phase 3 programmeECCO'22
Year: 2022
Authors: Colombel, J.F.(1);Cao, Q.(2);Ghosh, S.(3);Reinisch, W.(4);Zhou, W.(5);Ilo, D.(5);Shu, L.(5);Yao, X.(6);Rubin, D.T.(7);
(1)Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, Gastroenterology, New York, United States;(2)Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital- College of Medicine- Zhejiang University, Department of Gastroenterology, Hangzhou- Zhejiang, China;(3)University College Cork, College of Medicine and Health, Cork, Ireland;(4)Medical University of Vienna, Department of Gastroenterology and Hepatology, Vienna, Austria;(5)AbbVie Inc, Research and Development, North Chicago- Illinois, United States;(6)AbbVie Inc, Data & Statistical Sciences, North Chicago- Illinois, United States;(7)University of Chicago Medicine, Inflammatory Bowel Disease Center, Chicago- Illinois, United States;
OP34: Efficacy and safety of advanced induction and maintenance therapies in patients with moderately to severely active Ulcerative Colitis: An indirect treatment comparison using Bayesian network meta-analysisECCO'22
Year: 2022
Authors: Panaccione, R.(1);Collins, E.B.(2);Melmed, G.Y.(3);Vermeire, S.(4);Danese, S.(5);Higgins, P.D.R.(6);Zhou, W.(7);Ilo, D.(7);Sharma, D.(7);Sanchez Gonzalez, Y.(7);Wang, S.T.(2);
(1)University of Calgary, Inflammatory Bowel Disease Unit- Division of Gastroenterology and Hepatology, Calgary, Canada;(2)Medicus Economics LLC, n/a, Milton, United States;(3)Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, n/a, Los Angeles, United States;(4)University Hospital Leuven, Department of Gastroenterology and Hepatology, Leuven, Belgium;(5)Gastroenterology and Endoscopy IRCCS Ospedale San Raffaele and University Vita-Salute San Raffaele, n/a, Milan, Italy;(6)University of Michigan, Department of Medicine- Division of Gastroenterology, Ann Arbor, United States;(7)AbbVie Inc., n/a, North Chicago, United States;
OP35: Natural history of anal ulcerations in pediatric-onset Crohn's Disease: A population-based studyECCO'22
Year: 2022
Authors: Mortreux, P.(1);Leroyer, A.(2);Dupont, C.(3);Ley, D.(4);Bertrand, V.(5);Spyckerelle, C.(6);Guillon, N.(2);Desreumaux, P.(1);Gower-Rousseau, C.(2);Savoye, G.(7);Fumery, M.(8);Turck, D.(4);Siproudhis, L.(9);Sarter, H.(2);
(1)CHU Lille, Gastro-enterology, Lille, France;(2)Lille 2 University- CHU Lille- EPIMAD Registry, Epidemiology Unit, Lille, France;(3)CHU Caen, Pediatric unit, Caen, France;(4)CHU Lille, Pediatric unit, Lille, France;(5)CH Le Havre, Pediatric unit, Le Havre, France;(6)GHICL, Pediatric unit, Lille, France;(7)CHU Rouen, Gastro-enterology, Rouen, France;(8)CHU Amiens, Gastro-enterology, Amiens, France;(9)CHU Rennes, Gastro-enterology, Rennes, France;EPIMAD
OP36: Efficacy and safety of combination induction therapy with guselkumab and golimumab in participants with moderately-to-severely active Ulcerative Colitis: Results through week 12 of a phase 2a randomized, double-blind, active-controlled, parallel-group, multicenter, proof-of-concept studyECCO'22
Year: 2022
Authors: Sands, B.E.(1);Feagan, B.G.(2);Sandborn, W.J.(3);Shipitofsky, N.(4);Marko, M.(4);Sheng, S.(4);Johanns, J.(4);Germinaro, M.(4);Vetter, M.(4);Panés, J.(5);
(1)Dr. Henry D. Janowitz Division of Gastroenterology, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, New York, United States;(2)Robarts Research Institute, Western University, London, Canada;(3)University of California San Diego, Division of Gastroenterology, La Jolla, United States;(4)Janssen Research & Development- LLC, Immunology, Spring House, United States;(5)Hospital Clínic de Barcelona, Gastroenterology, Barcelona, Spain;VEGA
OP37: Bacterial suppression of intestinal fungi via activation of human gut Vδ2+ T-cellsECCO'22
Year: 2022
Authors: Mathew, L.(1);Savage, M.(1);Pardieu, C.(1);O'Brien, M.(1);Sze, S.K.(2);Eberl, M.(3);Stagg, A.(1);Gasparetto, M.(4);Kok, K.(4);Lindsay, J.(4);McCarthy, N.(1);
(1)Barts and The London- Queen Mary's School of Medicine and Dentistry, The Blizard Institute- Centre for Immunobiology, London, United Kingdom;(2)Brock University, Department of Health Sciences, St. Catharines, Canada;(3)Cardiff University, Division of Infection and Immunity, Cardiff, United Kingdom;(4)Bart's Health NHS Trust, Department of Gastroenterology, London, United Kingdom;
OP38: Tofacitinib for the treatment of Ulcerative Colitis: An integrated summary of safety data from the global OCTAVE and RIVETING clinical trialsECCO'22
Year: 2022
Authors: Sandborn, W.J.(1);D'Haens, G.R.(2);Sands, B.E.(3);Panaccione, R.(4);Ng, S.C.(5);Lawendy, N.(6);Kulisek, N.(6);Guo, X.(6);Mundayat, R.(7);Su, C.(7);Panés, J.(8);
(1)University of California San Diego, Division of Gastroenterology, La Jolla- CA, United States;(2)Amsterdam University Medical Centres, Department of Gastroenterology, Amsterdam, The Netherlands;(3)Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, Dr. Henry D. Janowitz Division of Gastroenterology, New York- NY, United States;(4)University of Calgary, Division of Gastroenterology and Hepatology- Department of Medicine, Calgary- AB, Canada;(5)LKS Institute of Health Science- Chinese University of Hong Kong, Institute of Digestive Disease- Department of Medicine and Therapeutics, Hong Kong, China;(6)-, Pfizer Inc, Collegeville- PA, United States;(7)-, Pfizer Inc, New York- NY, United States;(8)Hospital Clínic de Barcelona- IDIBAPS- CIBERehd, Department of Gastroenterology, Barcelona, Spain;
OP39: Shorter disease duration is associated with better outcomes in patients with moderately to severely active Crohn’s Disease treated with risankizumab: Results from the phase 3 ADVANCE, MOTIVATE, and FORTIFY studiesECCO'22
Year: 2022
Authors: Peyrin-Biroulet, L.(1);Colombel, J.F.(2);Louis, E.(3);Ferrante, M.(4);Motoya, S.(5);Panaccione, R.(6);Torres, J.(7);Ungaro, R.C.(2);Kligys, K.(8);Kalabic, J.(9);Zambrano, J.(8);Zhang, Y.(8);D’Haens, G.R.(10);
(1)University Hospital of Nancy- Lorraine University, Gastroenterology, Vandoeuvre, France;(2)Icahn School of Medicine at Mt Sinai, Gastroenterology, New York, United States;(3)University Hospital CHU of Liège, Gastroenterology, Liège, Belgium;(4)University Hospitals Leuven, Gastroenterology, Leuven, Belgium;(5)IBD Center- Sapporo Kosei General Hospital, Gastroenterology, Sapporo, Japan;(6)University of Calgary, Gastroenterology, Calgary, Canada;(7)Hospital Beatriz Ângelo, Gastroenterology, Loures, Portugal;(8)AbbVie Inc., Gastroenterology, North Chicago, United States;(9)9AbbVie Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG, Gastroenterology, Ludwigshafen, Germany;(10)Amsterdam University Medical Centers, Gastroenterology, Amsterdam, The Netherlands;
OP40: Efficacy of risankizumab induction and maintenance therapy by baseline Crohn’s Disease location: Post hoc analysis of the phase 3 ADVANCE, MOTIVATE, and FORTIFY studiesECCO'22
Year: 2022
Authors: Bossuyt, P.(1);Bresso, F.(2);Dubinsky, M.(3);Ha, C.(4);Siegel, C.(5);Zambrano, J.(6);Kligys, K.(6);Kalabic, J.(6);Zhang, Y.(6);Panaccione, R.(7);
(1)Imelda General Hospital, Gastroenterology, Bonheiden, Belgium;(2)Karolinska University Hospital, Gastroenterology- Dermatology- and Rheumatology, Stockholm, Sweden;(3)Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, Pediatrics, New York, United States;(4)Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Gastroenterology, Los Angeles, United States;(5)Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, Gastroenterology and Hepatology, Lebanon, United States;(6)AbbVie Inc., Gastroenterology, North Chicago, United States;(7)Cumming School of Medicine- University of Calgary, Gastroenterology and Hepatology, Calgary, Canada;
P001: Immune checkpoint inhibitor-induced colitis is mediated by polyfunctional lymphocytes and is dependent on the IL23/IFNg axisECCO'22
Year: 2022
Authors: Lo, J.(1);Cozzetto, D.(1);Madgwick, M.(2,3);Sieh, J.Y.X.S.(4);Olbei, M.(2,3);Alexander, J.L.(1);Miguens Blanco, J.(1);Kudo, H.(1);Ibraheim, H.(1);Liu, Z.(1);Castro Seoane, R.(1);Goldin, R.(1);Marchesi, J.(1);Korcsmaros, T.(1,2,3);Lord, G.(5);Powell, N.(1);
(1)Imperial College London, Department of Metabolism- Digestion and Reproduction, London, United Kingdom;(2)Earlham Institute, Organisms and Ecosystems, Norwich, United Kingdom;(3)Quadram Institute Bioscience, Gut Microbes and Health Programme, Norwich, United Kingdom;(4)School of Immunology and Microbial Sciences, King’s College London, London, United Kingdom;(5)University of Manchester, Faculty of Biology, Manchester, United Kingdom;
P002: Glial cell line-Derived Neurotrophic Factor (GDNF) improves intestinal wound healing – A new target for IBD treatment?ECCO'22
Year: 2022
Authors: Kelm, M.(1);Burkard, N.(1);Hoerner, M.(1);Germer, C.T.(1);Schlegel, N.(1);Flemming, S.(1);
(1)University Hospital of Wuerzburg, Department of Surgery, Würzburg, Germany;
P003: Identification of an intestine-derived ex-Trm population in the blood of healthy individuals and patients with Inflammatory Bowel DiseaseECCO'22
Year: 2022
Authors: Rodger, B.(1);Gordon, H.(1);Hoti, I.(1);Stagg, A.(1);Lindsay, J.(1);
(1)Blizard Institute- Queen Mary University of London, Centre for Immunobiology, London, United Kingdom;
P004: Microbiota, not host origin drives ex vivo epithelial response in ulcerative colitis patients and non-IBD controls.ECCO'22
Year: 2022
Authors: Arnauts, K.(1);Sudhakar, P.(1);Verstockt, S.(1);Lapierre, C.(1);Potche, S.(1);Caenepeel, C.(1);Verstockt, B.(1,2);Raes, J.(3);Vermeire, S.(1,2);Sabino, J.(1,2);Verfaillie, C.(4);Ferrante, M.(1,2);
(1)KU Leuven, TARGID- Department of Chronic Diseases- Metabolism & Ageing, Leuven, Belgium;(2)UZ Leuven, Department of Gastroenterology and Hepatology- University Hospitals Leuven, Leuven, Belgium;(3)KU Leuven, Department of Microbiology and Immunology- Rega Institute, Leuven, Belgium;(4)KU Leuven, Stem Cell Institute Leuven- Department of Development and Regeneration- Leuven- Belgium., Leuven, Belgium;
P005: The solute carrier LC22A4/Organic Cation Transporter (OCTN)-1 as a novel Inflammatory Bowel Disease determinant at the microbe-host interface.ECCO'22
Year: 2022
Authors: Masi, L.(1);Petito, V.(1);Fidaleo, M.(2);Palucci, I.(3);Del Chierico, F.(4);Ivagnes, V.(3);Mercuri, A.(5);Graziani, C.(1);Lopetuso, L.R.(1);Armuzzi, A.(1);Gasbarrini, A.(1);Pani, G.(5);Scaldaferri, F.(1);
(1)Fondazione Policlinico Universitario A. Gemelli IRCCS, Department of Gastroenterology and Internal Medicine, Rome, Italy;(2)Università La Sapienza, Department of Biology and Biotechnologies Charles Darwin, Rome, Italy;(3)Fondazione Policlinico Universitario A. Gemelli IRCCS, Department of Microbiology, Rome, Italy;(4)Children Hospital Bambino Gesù IRCCS, Unit of Human Microbiome, Rome, Italy;(5)Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, Department of Translational Medicine, Rome, Italy;
P006: MiR-192 is associated with stricturing phenotype in Crohn’s diseaseECCO'22
Year: 2022
Authors: Cristina, T.(1);Mateescu, B.(2);Mitroi, A.(3);Cozaru, G.(3);Brinzan, C.(3);State, M.(2);Dumitru, A.(1);Rafti, R.(1);Dina, E.(1);Alexandrescu, L.(1);Dumitru, E.(1);
(1)County Clinical Emergency Hospital of Constanta, Gastroenterology, Constanta, Romania;(2)Clinical Hospital Colentina Bucharest, Gastroenterology, Bucharest, Romania;(3)County Clinical Emergency Hospital of Constanta, Genetics, Constanta, Romania;
P007: ORMDL proteins shape homeostasis in the intestinal epithelium by regulating endoplasmic reticulum architecture and autophagyECCO'22
Year: 2022
Authors: Tran, F.(1,2);Stengel, S.(2);Yang, H.(2);Bernardes, J.P.(2);Lopez-Agudelo, V.(2);Bordoni, D.(2);Falk-Paulsen, M.(2);Jentzsch, M.(2);Messner, B.(2);Schreiber, S.(1,2);Rosenstiel, P.(2);
(1)University Medical Center- Schleswig-Holstein- Kiel Campus, Department for Internal Medicine I, Kiel, Germany;(2)University Medical Center- Schleswig-Holstein- Kiel Campus, Institute of Clinical Molecular Biology, Kiel, Germany;
P008: Modulation of Wnt signaling via a Wnt mimetic improved epithelial healing without causing hyperplasia in a mouse colitis modelECCO'22
Year: 2022
Authors: Lu, C.(1);Xie, L.(2);Shah, D.(1);Newman, M.(3);Baribault, H.(2);Yeh, W.C.(2);Li, Y.(1);
(1)Surrozen Inc., Discovery Biology, South San Francisco, United States;(2)Surrozen Inc., in vivo Pharmacology, South San Francisco, United States;(3)Surrozen Inc., Development, South San Francisco, United States;
P009: Integrin-b7+ cytotoxic MAIT cells are expanded in the colon of Ulcerative Colitis patients, correlate with disease severity and are targeted by vedolizumab therapy.ECCO'22
Year: 2022
Authors: Hermangild Kottoor, S.(1);ibraheim, H.(1);Polychronis, P.(2);Senthuran, B.(2);Jameson, E.(2);Samaan, M.(2);Irving, P.(2);Powell, N.(1);
(1)Imperial College London, Department of Metabolism- Digestion and Reproduction, London, United Kingdom;(2)Guy's & St. Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust, IBD Centre, London, United Kingdom;
P010: Adherent-Invasive Escherichia Coli strain O83:H1 induces inflammatory response in Crohn's diseaseECCO'22
Year: 2022
Authors: Iaquinto, G.C.(1);Mazzarella, G.(2);Rotondi Aufiero, V.(3);
(1)Clinica S. Rita, Gastroenterology, Atripalda, Italy;(2)Institute of Food Sciences- ISA- CNR, DiSBA, Avellino, Italy;(3)Institute of Food Sciences- ISA-CNR, DiSBA, Avellino, Italy;